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MACEDON  Coin Set in a Frame of 18 Kt Yellow Gold, Made By Hand to Fit the Exact Size of the Coin. The Coin is a silver Denarius, and Belong to the Conqueror and king of Macedonia, Alexander III the Great  ( 356 B.C – 323 B.C )  . The Coin  Observe features a portrait of Herakles/Hercules, the greatest mythological hero of antiquity, wearing his trademark lion skin headdress, with the open mouth of the dead lion positioned so as to appear to be biting the back of Herakles' skull. The lion skin refers to Herakles' killing the Nemean lion in his First Labor. The reverse of Alexander's silver imperial coin features Zeus seated on his throne holding an eagle, his symbol, and a scepter, which refers to his status as king of the gods. 

Style: 4-E | Date: 356 B.C – 323 B.C  | Grade: Very Fine | 

Silver Denarius Coin in 18kt Yellow Gold Pendant 

Pendant Size: 2.7 cms x 2.7 cms = 1.08 inches x 1.08 inches without the link

Available in 18 Kt Gold

5.980,00 Euros

NB: If the product is not in stock please allow 15 to 45 days time of making and delivery.

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